Reflections of the Sun and Moon

Astrology understands the Sun and Moon in a person's birthchart to represent two separate and distinct, equal but opposite halves of the person's inner self, often identified with the archetypal pairings of "spirit and soul" or "head and heart". Just as the Sun and Moon appear as an equal but opposite pair, both appearing the exact same size in the sky, so too does astrology hold that human beings also possess two equal but opposite halves to their inner selves, one with an objective, autonomous, independent, masculine perspective, possessing intelligence and free will, the other with a subjective, relative, dependent, feminine perspective, possessing emotion and memory.  

This peculiar concept of soul duality was once quite widespread in mankind's distant past. It has not only come down to us through astrology, but also used to be found in several other cultural traditions and religions around the globe as well. It has re-emerged once again in the modern era, this time reborn in the guise of psychology's conscious / unconscious mind duality, and the bicameral left brain/right brain physiological duality. I have spent over thirty years of my life tracking this ancient belief system in its many and varied forms, and my three-book "DivisionTheory" series is the fruit of that labor.

This ancient binary soul doctrine can be traced back into the dimmest reaches of protohistory - it was already here when mankind first invented writing.  It is probably as close as the human race has ever come to having a single world religion. Thousands of years ago, people all across the globe believed much the same thing about what happened after death - that human beings possess not one but two souls, equal but opposite in nature, which were in danger of dividing apart from one another when a person died.   

Simultaneously present in numerous cultures at the dawn of recorded history, the binary soul doctrine apparently predates all currently known civilizations. This peculiar tradition not only seems to have saturated the entire Old World at a very early date, appearing in some of the earliest writings of Egypt, Greece, Persia, India, and China, it somehow managed to jump the oceans as well, leaving yet more of its footprints in the cultural traditions of Australia, Hawaii, Alaska, the Dakotas, Mexico, Peru, and even Haiti. Greece called these two souls the psyche and the thumos, Egypt called them the ba and ka, Israel called them the ruwach and nephesh, Christianity called them the soul and spirit, Persia called them the urvan and daena, Islam called them the ruh and nafs, India called them the atman and jiva,  China called them the hun and po, Haiti called them the gros bon ange and ti bon ange, Hawaii called them the uhane and unihipili, and the Dakota Indians called them the nagi and niya. The list goes on and on.  

Astrology is a part of this same ancient tradition, and its version of these two souls are the Sun and Moon. And in much the same way that some of the earliest Christian texts instructed the faithful that the way to salvation was to "become whole" and "make the two one", so too does Astrology teach that our lives are at their healthiest, richest, and most fruitful when the Sun and Moon are working together in united harmony in our charts.

Astrology's Double Soul


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"DivisionTheory strikes to the very core of my practice.... I use certain methodologies to prove the very thing you discuss.... I will be using some of your research in my practice...."
- Dr. Hugh O. Smith

"Compelling and astounding ... possibly the most important book we will ever publish. The Division of Consciousness will be studied for years to come."
- Frank DeMarco

“I am on my third re-read of “The Division of Consciousness” and quite frankly I have been searching for ways to try and debunk its suppositions and conclusions. Alas I can find no holes in the theory, no great gaps in Novak’s theological argument. I can at this point only conclude that he has indeed found and published a valid theological spiritual secret ... but the traditionalists will find some concepts a little hard swallowing.”
- Rene Turner, Ph.D

“I am fascinated with Novak’s ideas."
- Paul Bramer, North Park Theological Seminary

“I intend to use it as one of the course texts in my "Death and Afterlife" course this academic year.”
- Randal Cummings, California State University

“Novak’s two books stand beside Myers’ as classics of research into the most disturbing of human problems.”
- Colin Wilson

"An amazing discovery, exciting in its scope, logic, and wisdom. Be prepared to have your mind stretched!”
- Janet Cunningham, Ph.D.

"Truly momentous."
- New Dawn Magazine

"A novel insight."
- The Christian Parapsychologist

"Perhaps the most original speculation on the nature of the human spirit in 50 years.”
- Jeff Duntemann, Scottsdale, Arizona

“I have read Novak's books with captivated fascination. Next time I read scripture it will be in a new light. I don’t think that it’s too profound to say that by questioning the secret of death, you have found the secret of life.”
- Kevin Mann

“This ought to be read by every thoughtful person on this planet. Simple, yet profound."
- Ian Lawton

"The reconciliation between Eastern and Western thought is well underway now. This theory has legs. It is robust."
- Kari M. Marchant, Carlsbad, California

“Like a biblical prophet, Novak’s conclusions are savored and pondered by the reader for numerous, significant, and meaningful layers. Intriguing and truly illuminating."
- Berthold E. Schwartz, MD, Vero Beach FL

"I have to give Peter credit for painting one of the most hopeful scenarios that the world currently offers. This new vision will make a lot of sense for many who are dispirited by the many contradictions in our world.  Perhaps The Lost Secret of Death will help breathe new life into them.”  
- Robert Friend, Hawaii

"The thesis Novak presents in this pioneering book is compelling and deserves serious consideration and empirical research. This book is quite fascinating!"
- Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D.


Book Reviews

"Thrilling, original and insightful.  This is a work of great significance."
- Bob Jackson, Editor,"The Independent Review"

"This is a strange, disturbing, and brilliant book."
- Gnosis: A Journal of the Western Inner Traditions

"What a find ! Novak has discovered a concept that has luded all the brilliant minds of the past.  I applaud him on his achievement and thank him  for his insight."
-  Dr. Don R. Morse

"You're the FIRST one that has ever explained that to me in a way that I could understand. Now that makes sense. Fascinating! DivisionTheory makes all the sense in the world."
- Art Bell, on “Coast to Coast with Art Bell”, March 11th, 1999  

"It is, quite frankly, the most important book in its field since Elaine Pagel's “The Gnostic Gospels” in 1978. DivisionTheory is such an ingenious concept I'm amazed nobody had been able to think of it in this way before."
- Christopher Coolidge, Ph.D.,  Burlington, Vermont

“This is too important of a work to be dismissed. It will definitely be looked back upon as a turning point in the scholar's collection of ideas, as one of those hinges that opens the field of vision to possibilities of thoughts that were not possible before this point." 
- Thomas Ragland, Ph.D.

"If this book becomes ignored, we will be the poorer for it. Novak's collection of anthropological data of similar beliefs is impressive, and his psychological insights are exhilarating."
- Dialogos: An Interactive Journal of the Sciences, Philosophy, and Theology

"Pregnant with meaning."
- New Dawn Magazine  

"Fascinating ... it would explain a great deal ... The whole theory is ingenious and convincing in many ways." 
- Dr. Tamar Frankiel, UC at Riverside

"Fascinating. A breath of fresh air."
- Bill Lanning, Butler College  

"Provocative and unsettling. Worthy of serious consideration, and encourages all of us to reflect further on the meaning of life and death."
- Michael York, Ph.D.,  Bath Spa University College  

“I couldn't put this book down until I finished it. I am very impressed with Novak’s DivisionTheory, which ties everything together perfectly. This material is fresh, thought provoking, and you will not be satisfied in reading it only once.” 
- Kevin Williams  

“I have been researching and studying the mind and mentation for 20 years, and I have never read a theory that so perfectly addresses so many aspects of the phenomena of mind. One significant way to test a theory is to “shine” it at various disparate aspects of the higher phenomena. Indeed, everywhere I did so regarding DivisionTheory, I found myself with an ‘aha’ experience.”
- Melody Clark, Ph.D.

“Division Theory is the most intellectually challenging idea I have come across in a very long time. This theory makes sense. Amazing."
  - F. James Shepherd

"Riveting. No matter what your current theological or philosophical approach is to life,this book will be of interest to you."
- Hypercult Magazine
"So original, gripping, and controversial that it leaves the reader feeling slightly stunned."
- Colin Wilson

"Very interesting and provocative."
- John Edmiston, "Eternity Online" Magazine

"Why do I feel that my lifelong search has finally arrived at its destination ? You are giving answers to all the questions I have been asking!"
- Richard Stevenson

To say that this book is thought-provoking and belief-provoking is an understatement.  I not only read every word of the book, but re-read my underlinings several times. I am totally impressed with the amount of research Novak obviously did and how he presented his case. The Lost Secret of Death has most certainly caused me to seriously re-evaluate my thoughts. This work is particularly important and is most definitely something of great value!"-  Barbara Rommer, M.D.

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