Pathfinder Deluxe, $450

​Birth Chart Analysis Plus One Year Forecast

Pathfinder Lifeline, $900

​Birth Chart Analysis Plus Ten Year Forecast

I am proud to offer this exclusive service.  The Pathfinder Lifeline is a uniquely thorough and comprehensive Premium report that no other astrologers offer, because it is based on Secondary and Tertiary Progressed Lunar Returns, state-of-the-art analytical tools I have painstakingly developed over my 42 years of astrological research and practice. Thanks to this breakthrough methodology, I am able to construct a detailed preview of your entire life trajectory. This report begins by examining the long arching path of your life as a series of 27 year long epochs, examining the big picture and what you can expect in each of the four epochs of your life (Youth: birth to age 27, Adulthood: ages 27-54, Middle Age: 54-82, and Old Age: 82-107). After that, this report takes a closer and more detailed view of your next ten years, following that up with even more detailed month-by-month and even day-to-day coverage of your next year, zeroing in on key periods. This report will also look into the issues of life span and mortality, examining which of your 27-year long SLR cycles may hold the greatest risk.  I love doing these reports because they allow me to do the very best astrological work I can. 

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This website is provided by Pathfinder Astrology.  By accessing this website, you are indicating your acknowledgement and acceptance of the following Terms of Use:

All Pathfinder Astrology reports are provided "as is" for informational  purposes only.  Pathfinder Astrology does not provide any warranties of any kind for any information contained in Pathfinder Astrology reports. All Pathfinder Astrology reports are custom-made, one-of-a-kind, designer products, so orders cannot be canceled once work has begun on a report, and there are no refunds. Orders are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, and delivery can take a month or more.

It takes courage and vision to go against the grain of popular culture and invest your hard earned money in ancient wisdom traditions that have been disavowed by modernity. Pathfinder Astrology respects that, and will do all it can to earn that trust. Pathfinder Astrology thanks you for taking part in the modern cultural resurgence of this uncanny subject.

I am proud of my successful record of astrology predictions, having worked hard for almost 40 years to reach this level.  Every successful prediction that I or any other astrologer makes is a victory not just for that astrologer, but for all of humanity, because it showcases amazing potentials that virtually anyone can aspire to. Successful astrology predictions don't just honor the astrologer who makes them, and they don't just honor astrology either; they honor life itself, standing as proof of the utterly miraculous, supernatural nature of this world.

But don't think for a minute that astrologers don't make mistakes. My official Prediction List includes a number of failed predictions, and I don't expect to ever get to a point where my astrology is completely error-free. Please be clear that the projections, predictions, and forecasts in Pathfinder Reports are intended for educational and information purposes only, and should not be construed, under any circumstances, by implication or otherwise, as guarantees of future conditions or developments. The information in these reports is obtained from sources believed to be reliable, and every effort has been made to achieve accuracy, but this information is not and cannot be guaranteed. All Pathfinder Astrology projections, predictions, and forecasts are subject to risk, which should be considered prior to making any decisions or commitments.

Pathfinder Annual, $250

​One Year Forecast


This service is available for existing clients only, because the pricing does not allow for birthtime rectification.  This custom-made report will track developments in your life over the coming year, identifying the most likely dates and times for turning points, crises, and other milestones over the next twelve months. This report includes a season-by-season and month-by-month preview, and the dates of key events and turning points in your coming year.

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Pathfinder's most popular service, this report includes both a Birth Chart and an Annual Update, conveniently bundled together. This custom, in-depth exploration of your astrological birth chart discusses what the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets at the exact time of your birth have to say about who you are and what life has in store for you.  Discovering what is written in your birth chart can refresh your sense of wonder at the universe and your place in it. Every Pathfinder Deluxe report includes an overview of the trajectory of your life over several decades, and an Annual Update of your year ahead, identifying the most likely times for turning points, crises, and other milestones over the next twelve months, with season-by-season, month-by-month, and even day-by-day predictions based on your own unique birth data.



Life is complicated. So are you.

Anyone who claims to be able to take a brief glance at your birthchart and instantly understand you and see your future is not taking either seriously.

This is not that kind of astrology service. Pathfinder Astrology offers thoroughly-researched, personally-written, custom-made reports by an astrologer with 42 years experience, not mass-produced, computer generated, superficial five-minute one size fits all reports. This is all astrology and only astrology, devoid of any psychic, crystal ball, tarot card, palm reading, spiritualist, or other "new age" type pretense.

Unlike virtually all other astrologers, I make a special point not to meet in person with my clients, and I limit my correspondence with them to the bare minimum while I am preparing their orders so their stars alone will determine the content of their reports.

 Are you ready to find your own path in the stars?

For all reports, please include the following information in the form below:

                     1. Your exact time, date, and place of birth

                     2.  Your current city of residence

                     3.  A list of FIVE OR MORE major life events for chart rectification

                     4.  Did you move from your birthplace before the age of 3 ?


It is crucially important to make sure we are working with an accurate birthtime, because everything else in astrology depends on being right about that. In a process called "Rectification", astrologers compare your chart with your life history and make sure they line up right. Most of the time, the astrology chart that actually lines up best with your life history will be a minute or so different than the officially recorded birthtime on your birth certificate. Sometimes the rectification process tells us that your official recorded birthtime is dead-on accurate, and sometimes it says that there are several minutes difference, but most of the time the rectified chart is just a minute or two different than the recorded time. This rectification process is time-consuming, but because having the correct birthtime is essential for accuracy in prediction,  Pathfinder Astrology puts in the time to rectify every client's chart before accepting any orders for that chart. 

So what we need from you in order to do that is a list of FIVE OR MORE big events or milestone changes in your life, things like marriages, divorces, childbirths, major deaths in the family, moving to a new job or a new home, life-changing incidents like that. 

Include the date those events occurred and generally describe what kind of an event it was; you don't have to go into any extensive detail on the nature of the event, but try to be as specific as you can about the date. Telling us the year a change happened in your life isn't very helpful, but telling us the month and year is alot better, and telling us the day, month, and year is the best.

IMPORTANT:  Fill out and submit this Order Form FIRST. 

                     Don't click the "Buy Now" button until we've gotten back with you. 

                     Pathfinder Astrology doesn't want your money until we've done the

                     rectification and made sure we have a good chart to work with.

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