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 When you were young, people taught you it's impossible to predict the future. They were wrong. Astrology really does work, and I am out here proving it every week. 

You’ve probably never met an astrologer like me.

I will be the first to tell you not to believe in astrology

until you see the proof for yourself. Extraordinary claims

require extraordinary evidence.  There's plenty of

"astrologers" out there who talk the talk but don't walk

the walk, and if you ask them for hard proof of their

amazing claims, then all of a sudden the "stars aren't

aligned" or they "don't do tests".

This is a different kind of astrology practice. I am a predictive astrologer with a solid record of accurate prediction, and I encourage people to examine my record for themselves. Almost a full year and a half in advance, I correctly predicted Trump's win in the 2016 election.  I also predicted the Chicago Cubs winning the 2016 World Series in seven games. I even predicted that Trump would be announced the winner at 2:30 AM the next morning.  Way back in 2010 I predicted that Obamacare would never be successful, and in 2011 I predicted that the Fukushima disaster would never get cleaned up. In 2015 I correctly predicted that the US Supreme Court would uphold Obamacare and gay marriage, and that President Obama would succeed in getting his Iran Nuclear Deal passed. These and hundreds of other accurate astrological predictions are all documented and recorded for posterity in my public record.

I am a serious scholar who has also written several books, papers, and articles on the ancient world's Binary Soul Doctrine, an integrative synthesis of psychology, comparative religion, and modern reports of paranormal phenomena, especially near-death experiences, past-life regressions, and other afterlife-related reports. My research has been featured in OMNI magazine,  on PBS, on the Art Bell show, and on several other TV and radio shows. My articles and papers have been published in IANDS' "Journal of Near‑Death Research", in IARRT's "Journal of Regression Therapy", and CFPSS' "The Christian Parapsychologist", and I have been a featured speaker at conferences for the International Association for Near‑Death Research, the Churches' Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies, and the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies.  My books have even made it onto the reading lists of a few college courses.

But in addition to my research into the Binary Soul Doctrine, I have also studied and practiced astrology for the last 39 years (these two seemingly disparate areas of study overlap in some very interesting ways via astrology's Sun/Moon duality) . I have a fourth book coming out soon  - on the astrology of the United States. Over the course of my 39 years in this field, I founded a groundbreaking and revolutionary astrological methodology – the Pathfinder System – that you won’t find anywhere else.

For the last several years, I have been running Pathfinder Astrology, providing both public and private services. As a free public service, each year I provide numerous public demonstrations of predictive accuracy in astrology via Facebook.  I don’t think you will find another astrologer anywhere who has a documented record of predictive accuracy to match my own. That's the plain sad truth of it; I wish every astrologer out there had comparable predictive records, but most astrologers today do not make their predictive records available to the public in any form. In contrast, my own very open, public, and transparent record of predictions speaks for itself, and testifies to the value and effectiveness of my signature Pathfinder System.  My clients often claim that their Pathfinder Astrology Reports are second to none, but you don’t have to take their word for it. Thanks to Facebook, my last several years of public predictions are all perfectly preserved in their original forms and their original posts, all of them date-and-time stamped for posterity.  Do your own homework. See for yourself. This isn’t your Gramma’s "Sun Sign" astrology, nor is it mixed with any mysterious psychic, mystic, tarot, channeled, or other kind of questionable or eerie supernatural material.  What I offer is just a straightforward study of the stars based on my signature Pathfinder System - pure astrology and nothing but astrology.

In addition to this free public service, I also offer private, in-depth written astrological reports to select clients. These Pathfinder Reports run anywhere from 15-50 pages in length depending on the report, all personally written by myself using the Pathfinder System.  Custom written by an accomplished astrologer with 39 years experience, a proven track record, and the one-of-a-kind Pathfinder System, my astrological reports are a unique service not available anywhere else. Also unlike most other astrologers, I put extensive time into these reports, usually between two to five days per report, far more than the 30-60 minute readings that most astrologers offer. Because of the time put into each report, I can only complete one or two of these reports a week, so my client waiting list tends to be long.



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Client Reviews

"You deserve a box of gold stars. I don't know how you do it, but you nailed it!  I look back at my charts from 2007 and you predicted this moment back then. I can't tell you how much those charts have helped me over the years. You are good at what you do and have a natural talent. Thank You!"
- Susan G., Illinois

"Peter Novak has been a trusted astrological advisor for nearly 14 years.  Over the course of those many years, Pete has accurately predicted many changes in my life including the loss of my mother, moves across the country and adjustments in my professional life.  I have so enjoyed Pete’s astrological expertise that I have enlisted him to complete charts and predictions for several friends and family members; all of whom were very intrigued, surprised and satisfied by his knowledge.   I would highly encourage you to take the opportunity to work with Pete.  His accuracy, thoroughness and dedication to his craft are certain to impress."

- Mary S., Louisiana

"This is crazy ... and amazing!  Creeps me out how accurate the majority of things are on here

- Sienna S., Louisiana

"That was extremely accurate.  I can't wait to hear more."

- Kimberly F., Louisiana

"It was enlightening and reaffirming at the same time."

- Trishia H., Indiana

"Your day-by-day has been pretty spot-on."

- Camilla Z., Louisiana

The Astrology of the USA

​My latest book, Liberty's Heartbeat: the Astrology of the United States, will soon be available as a $3.99 ebook.

Astrology's time has come

Your reflection in heaven

Having your astrological chart done is one of the most intimate and touching experiences one can have in life.  The only data used in astrology is the sky.  That's it. Real astrologers are not psychics or mystics. They don't hear voices or see visions or talk to ghosts. All real astrologers do is read maps.

A birth chart is just a map of the sky at the moment someone is born, drawn from the perspective of their location on earth. Everyone has their own unique star map, because no two people are ever born at exactly the same place and time. Every natal chart features the same twelve basic components : the sun, moon, eight planets, the Eastern horizon, and the point in the sky that is directly overhead. Every person on earth was born with these twelve elements arranged differently, in a pattern that is just as unique as a fingerprint.

People have studied these star maps since the dawn of time, and still do today, even in today's educated and sophisticated nations.  A 2005 Gallup poll and a 2009 survey by the Pew Research Center both found that 25% of adults in the US believe in astrology.

We are going to raise that number.




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