When you were young, people taught you that it's impossible to predict the future. 

They were wrong.

This world is not what you think it is. This world follows a bizarre set of rules that no one taught you in school.  There is a hidden pattern to this world, an underlying design to it all, and you are part of that design.

The ancient wisdom tradition known as astrology reveals that underlying design.  Whatever you may think you know about astrology is probably at least partially wrong.  Even most astrologers don't really understand the subject very well, as they made all too clear when they almost unanimously predicted that Hillary Clinton would be elected US President in 2016.

90% of all the astrologers in the world were wrong on this election;  I am one of the very few who predicted a Trump win. Every astrologer in the world should have predicted a Trump win. It wasn't astrology's fault that they didn't, their failed predictions were pure human error.

But real astrology is better than that, and I am here to show you, nor merely tell you, the truth of that statement. Although astrology is one of humanity's oldest wisdom traditions, the modern practice of astrology is light-years away from what it was

just a few years ago. Astrology isn't what it used to be. 

With the advent of computers and mass communication,

our generation has taken it to the next level.

Despite the astrological community's embarrassing

debacle during the 2016 elections, quality astrology

does exist, and it is amazing to behold, but it is

extremely rare. It is rare because it is expensive -

it takes an awful lot to get really good in this field. 

I have spent a lifetime honing my skills and trying to achieve predictive excellence in astrology. I have studied and practiced astrology for 39 years, and my public prediction rate is, so far as I know,  unequaled  and unprecedented. You are just not going to find very many astrologers in the world with more than 39 years experience. And you will certainly not find many with a documented record of prediction that matches my own.

Yes, I was one of just a very few astrologers who correctly predicted that "surprising" Trump win, but that is just one correct prediction among a great many. I also predicted the Cubs winning the World Series, the Iranian Nuclear Deal, Jeb! Bush dropping out in February, the Obamacare debacle, the  2013 Government Shutdown, the September 2016 Terrorist Attacks on the East Coast, Hillary's health issues in September, Obama refusing to give Hillary a pardon, and literally hundreds of other national and international events.  I predicted that Trump would win in a landslide. I predicted he would be announced the winner at 2:30 AM. And I predicted the national riots that followed.

Don't take my word for it.  See for yourself. It's all in my public record. My predictive record is publicly available on Facebook, and all predictions are documented there in time- and date-stamped posts. As a free public service,  I make all my national and international predictions fully available to the general public.  


I think all astrologers should do this. I think it's time to raise the bar in astrology. The astrological community's near-unanimous failed 2016 election prediction is beyond shameful. This field does not deserve any more public humiliations like this, and can no longer tolerate them. It's time for this field to demand higher quality and greater accountability.   I encourage all other practicing astrologers to follow my lead and make your predictive records freely available to the public as I have done. If we can make this kind of transparency our industry standard, it will be better for our clients, our communities, and our profession.

Notice: Pathfinder Astrology Services are tied to my Predictive Record. 

           When a public prediction succeeds, prices go up 5%;

           and when a public prediction fails, they go down 5%.

Your reflection in heaven

Having your astrological chart done is one of the most intimate and touching experiences one can have in life.  The only data used in astrology is the sky.  That's it. Real astrologers are not psychics or mystics. They don't hear voices or see visions or talk to ghosts. All real astrologers do is read maps.

A birth chart is just a map of the sky at the moment someone is born, drawn from the perspective of their location on earth. Everyone has their own unique star map, because no two people are ever born at exactly the same place and time. Every natal chart features the same twelve basic components : the sun, moon, eight planets, the Eastern horizon, and the point in the sky that is directly overhead. Every person on earth was born with these twelve elements arranged differently, in a pattern that is just as unique as a fingerprint.

People have studied these star maps since the dawn of time, and still do today, even in today's educated and sophisticated nations.  A 2005 Gallup poll and a 2009 survey by the Pew Research Center both found that 25% of adults in the US believe in astrology. We are going to raise that number.

These star maps are not static or dormant, but instead generate a continuous flow of ever-changing data that astrologers mine and evaluate. The changing geometry of that map as it moves forward through time reflects the ongoing objective/subjective life experience of the person born at that moment. 

Geometry? Stars?? I know that this all sounds crazy, but it really does work, somehow, and my Predictive Record proves it. The original birth chart shows us the basic patterns present in the subject's outer life and inner personality, and then the transits, progressions, and return charts that spin off from that original star chart show us the changing conditions of the subject's life as the month, years, and decades of his/her life roll on by.

For thousands of years, this mirror-like dynamic has been distilled into the elegant expressions

"as above, so below" and "on earth as it is in heaven".

Client Reviews

"You deserve a box of gold stars. I don't know how you do it, but you nailed it!  I look back at my charts from 2007 and you predicted this moment back then. I can't tell you how much those charts have helped me over the years. You are good at what you do and have a natural talent. Thank You!"
- Susan G., Illinois

"Peter Novak has been a trusted astrological advisor for nearly 14 years.  Over the course of those many years, Pete has accurately predicted many changes in my life including the loss of my mother, moves across the country and adjustments in my professional life.  I have so enjoyed Pete’s astrological expertise that I have enlisted him to complete charts and predictions for several friends and family members; all of whom were very intrigued, surprised and satisfied by his knowledge.   I would highly encourage you to take the opportunity to work with Pete.  His accuracy, thoroughness and dedication to his craft are certain to impress."

- Mary S., Louisiana

"This is crazy ... and amazing!  Creeps me out how accurate the majority of things are on here

- Sienna S., Louisiana

"That was extremely accurate.  I can't wait to hear more."

- Kimberly F., Louisiana

"It was enlightening and reaffirming at the same time."

- Trishia H., Indiana

"Your day-by-day has been pretty spot-on."

- Camilla Z., Louisiana



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​My latest book, Liberty's Heartbeat: the Astrology of the United States, will soon be available as a $3.99 ebook.

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